Stranger Safety Coloring Sheets

Protecting our children from harm and abuse is of course one of our main priorities. Children must learn from a young age how to keep safe. Schools play an important role in educating children about strangers, and parents should too. These stranger safety coloring sheets can help kids learn appropriate behaviours for dealing with strangers and keeoping safe. And your kids can have fun coloring while learning these important lessons.

Stranger safety coloring sheets with safety bear.

A set of 5 stranger danger coloring pages. Rules #1-#5.

Stranger danger coloring pages . Find the police and avoid the strangers.

Adults you trust and stranger safety coloring sheet rule #2.

Stranger danger coloring pages rule #3, YELL adn TELL.

Stranger safety coloring sheet image of rule #4: the buddy system.

There's nothing to say, just walk away. Stranger danger coloring pages of rule #5.

Walk where it's bright. Stranger safety coloring sheet rule #6.

Stranger danger coloring book pages of rule #7.

Stranger safety coloring sheet rules review.

Stranger safety coloring sheet collection of 8 pages.

Stranger safety coloring sheet page. Who are strangers?

Don't trust strangers! Free stranger safety coloring sheet #2.

Stranger danger coloring pages sheet #3. Don't accept candy from strangers!

Don't help strangers! Stranger danger coloring pages #4.

Free stranger safety coloring sheet coloring book sheet #5.

Stranger danger coloring pages #6. Walk in bright places.

Stranger danger coloring pages #7. Scream HELP.

If you are lost in a mall...Stranger safety coloring sheet #8 for free.

Never accept candy from a stranger!
Stranger danger! Never accept candy from strangers coloring pages.

Thank you for viewing these stranger danger coloring pages. I hope you found them useful in teaching your child to grow up safe and sound.

I've posted lots of other fun coloring page collections, so be sure to check them out!

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